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Nacho’s NASTY 1400+HP Twin Turbo Camaro!

Nacho’s NASTY 1400+HP Twin Turbo Camaro!

With a little bit of knowledge and ingenuity along with a sweet set of turbos, just about anything can be accomplished as we can see with this incredible Chevrolet Camaro.

Speed Society’s own Josh Kalis takes us inside of a little dyno session centered around this nasty build featuring a completely built engine making over 1400hp!

Watching the car whirl to life on the dyno is truly a treat as monsters like this one don’t come around too often, especially not on the Camaro platform!

Check out the video below that shows off all that this incredible car has to offer. What do you think of this wild street car making some big numbers?

Check out a battle of old school vs new in this 2500hp Camaro showdown below!



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