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NASCAR Champion Kyle Busch Practicing For This Weekend’s iRacing Event

As we move toward April 2020, the world is operating in a very unfamiliar way.

As the spread of COVID-19 has been multiplying, a rather large portion of America has been isolated in their homes. Because of this, there have been widespread cancellations of all sorts of events. NASCAR, for example, is on hold until further notice. At this point, we’re not sure if there will even be a racing season this year.

A Secondary NASCAR Season

In the interim, some NASCAR drivers have taken upon themselves to come up with a replacement. While a simulation could never be exactly the same as a real race, it’s the best we can get given the circumstances. With something like iRacing, we understand that it gets incredibly close to imitating real racing, as well.

Many racers, both current and former, have turned to the iRacing simulator in these strange times. Last week, we watched the Homestead-Miami race replaced by the simulation. Coming out on top, we would find Denny Hamlin taking home a last-second victory over Dale Earnhardt Junior.

This upcoming week, we will find the race broadcast from virtual Texas Motor Speedway. FOX Sports will be covering the remainder of the iRacing Pro Invitational series. The first FOX broadcast will be this Sunday, March 29, at 1:00 PM ET. We’re even going to get live commentary from the usual suspects.

Virtual Testing

This time, we tune in to watch a little bit of a practice session. The racer in question is none other than one of the most popular in the game, Kyle Busch.

We’re not sure if this is Busch’s simulator or if he’s simply using someone else’s. The setup in question looks pretty legitimate, though! By following along with the video below, we get to see how exactly Busch is preparing for this weekend’s race.

Last week, he finished 29th out of 25 racers. This week, perhaps practice will make perfect and Texas will treat him better.