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NASCAR Disaster Unfolds in Pit Lane as Drivers Collide

Over the course of a NASCAR race, there are many places to focus one’s attention. Sure, it can be hard to pull away from the adrenaline of a 200 mph side-by-side battle where both drivers want to win. After all, all of the guys on the racing surface are leaving it out there to the best of their ability. With this in mind, we definitely see some fierce racing scenarios unfold when nobody wants to go home a loser. However, there are other situations in NASCAR races where there might not be quite as much speed but the spot can be just as heart pumping.

Perhaps, one of our favorite undertakings during a NASCAR race is the battle that happens on pit road. Sure, a driver can have a great race, keeping themselves out front for the majority of competition. That’s obviously the most important part of such a battle. However, all of that hard work can go right down the drain if the battle on pit road is lost by a team. During a situation where drivers have to navigate through a dense field of other vehicles in order to get to their stall, only to have their tires changed and fuel filled back up, a matter of just a second or two during this process could end up costing teams big time.

With the video below, we stop in on the situation as drivers, Ryan Preece and BJ McLeod would get wrapped up in the pits. As the cars would be forced to cross one another’s paths, they would end up colliding hard. If we want to look at a situation on pit road that could go a long way toward ruining race day for just about any team, this is the type of blunder that racers definitely don’t want to get tied up in.