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NASCAR – Larson Holds Off Logano to Win Auto Club XFINITY Race

NASCAR is a sport that requires lots of stamina. While it might seem like driving a car is easy, it most certainly can take it out of you at these speeds for such a long period of time. At the end of a race that spans hundreds of laps, there’s no doubt that drivers are going to be exhausted and have their thoughts on nothing but throwing in the towel at the end of day when the racing is done for.

No matter how tired they might get, it’s crucial that they keep their focus and their wits about them so that they’re able to come through in the clutch, at the end of the race when it really counts, as they jock for every last position. You don’t want to lose your cool at the very last second and end up giving up the race because of it.

This time, we tune in to the last lap of the Xfinity race at Auto Club Speedway in which Kyle Larson had to hold off Joey Logano for just a little while longer so that he would be able to go home with a victory. It might sound like a fairly straightforward task but when racing gets that close, anything can happen and with a heightened sense of urgency on the last lap, it usually does.

Check out the video below that showcases the thrilling final moments of the race that put these two drivers on their toes and made them break out all of the stops to make sure that they could carry through with the last steps to complete the journey.

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