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NASCAR Pit Stops Are So Intense! Think You Could Do This?

While tasks, like changing your wheels and tires or filling up with gasoline, might seem simple in and of themselves, just imagine speeding up those tasks to change all four wheels and tires and do various other maintenance items on your car all within seconds while you’re under the gun, being scrutinized for every maneuver as you’re expected to be the best in the business at what you do.

Now, that definitely isn’t something that most people have to deal with on a regular basis while working on their cars but if you’re a part of a NASCAR pit crew, time is most certainly of the essence. Every single second that you waste on pit road could be another position or more that you lose, knocking you back on the leaderboard and taking you further away from victory than you had ever dreamed. Being able to quickly get in and out of pit road is one of the most important parts of the race.


This time, we’re able to follow along with a NASCAR pit stop as this pit crew member rushes around, making sure that the wheels and tires are on and off, with the new one secured tightly in place so that no accidents happen out there on the track. One false move could mean several positions lost and potentially even worse! If this guy screws up bad enough, a wheel could come loose and I don’t think that I have to spell out exactly what that means to you, with cars racing at over 200 mph!

Check out the video below that takes you along for the journey that is a NASCAR pit stop with all of the members frantically working in unison and be sure to tell us what you think of this adventure. Do you think that something like this is a test that you could manage to carry out in a decent amount of time? These guys definitely make it look easy but that’s exactly what happens with all of that practice coming to a head.