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Denny Hamlin HARD crash at Bristol 2014| Throws stuff at Harvick!

Denny Hamlin HARD crash at Bristol 2014| Throws stuff at Harvick!

In the wake of the recent events involving Tony Stewart and the death of driver Kevin Ward Jr NASCAR has switched up their rule book a bit in order to keep their drivers away from potential catastrophes like those that occurred a few weeks ago. We’d also think that professional drivers would remain calm until the dust settles on the whole incident.

Basically what had happened was your run of the mill circle track mix up. In this case we have Kevin Harvick making contact with Denny Hamlin. One thing leads to another and Harvick pitches his HANS device (neck safety brace) at Harvick to let him really know that he was not having it!

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 2.26.52 AM

The light weight brace went without making a dent in Harvick’s car, however it may make a dent in Hamlin’s wallet as he will most likely be fined for violating the new rules listed above that state the driver must wait for official instruction to exit the car and upon exit must find his way directly to an ambulance. The rules fail to mention anything about throwing equipment and we also don’t know what Hamlin was told by safety personnel, so technically the outcome of the situation is still a very gray area.

What do you think? Should Hamlin be fined more heavily for his actions following the incident because of the recent events or is NASCAR getting a bit carried away?


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