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NASCAR’s Jimmie Johnson Cleared to Return Several Days After Testing Positive for COVID

NASCAR racer, Jimmie Johnson, missed the Brickyard 400 this past weekend after a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. Johnson tested for COVID after learning that his wife had contracted the virus on Friday. However, it seems like he had an incredibly quick turnaround. He tested negative on both Monday and Tuesday this week

In a day and age where there isn’t much certainty surrounding the virus, this raises even more questions than answers.

In an official statement, Johnson told fans “My family is so grateful for the incredible love and support we’ve received over the last several days,” he continued, “I especially want to thank Justin Allgaier for stepping in for me at Indy and being a true pro. I’m excited about getting back to business with my team this weekend.”

From what we’ve gathered, NASCAR isn’t handling the screening for the virus. Instead, tracks are screening people who enter for a fever. In addition, race participants must fill out a waiver that Yahoo Sports says will ask if the driver has knowingly been near anyone with Coronavirus.

It seems as if people have raised concerns about if Johnson has been unknowingly carrying the virus. This, of course, was one of the primary concerns for all major sports leagues who have been considering reopening and competing once again. Right now, NASCAR seems to be leading the way and perhaps guiding other sports leagues on how to handle these instances. During a time where the path isn’t necessarily defined, there’s likely to be some trial and error happening.

Johnson has a scheduled press conference Friday where he hopefully will be able to shed some more light on the situation. As of now, we’re not quite sure how this will impact the remainder of the season. Johnson has been cleared to return when NASCAR heads to Kentucky this Sunday for the Quaker State 400.

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