NASTY 1900 Horsepower Procharged ’55 Chevy Cruising Downtown London

Of all the cars ever built, there are a few that stand out as classically timeless, ...

Of all the cars ever built, there are a few that stand out as classically timeless, beautifully-styled cars that, even decades after they were built, still turn heads everywhere they go. The 1955 Chevrolet is one such car, with its gorgeous shoebox styling drawing attention from onlookers every time one of these classics hits the streets, even in completely stock form.

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Imagine, then, the attention a Fifty-Five would get if it were dropped nice and low over slicks and skinnies and outfitted with a wicked ProCharged powerplant. Or actually, don’t imagine that, just click the play button below and watch for yourself.

This ride is painted in the 55’s trademark two-tone layout with a gorgeous blue and white color combo. The iconic front end, with that wide open grille and pouty lower front bumper, gives way to an open engine bay, where the ProCharger sits prominently high for the world to see. It appears to be mated to a big block, but it’s hard to say for certain without a closer look into the engine bay, which we unfortunately don’t get in this video. The car sits nice and low over Weld Racing wheels, with a traditional skinny Prostar up front and beadlocked Alumastars out back, wrapped in massive Hoosier rubber.

We don’t know much else about the car, but the close-up shot of the interior shows a mix of comfort and performance, with a sturdy roll cage and a billet shifter for the “go”, while most of the cushy classic Chevrolet interior remains intact for comfort.

Cars like this are so cool to me, combining the perfect mix of race car and street car to get a little of both wrapped up in a killer looking package that draws a crowd everywhere you take it. What do you guys think about this hotrod?


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