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NASTY Twin Turbo 1967 Mustang 4.05@196mph

NASTY Twin Turbo 1967 Mustang 4.05@196mph

There’s nothing like watching the raw power that some of these drag cars have to offer as they rocket down the strip to times that many wouldn’t even imagine to be possible.

This time, we check in with Frank Pompilio and his insanely clean 1967 Ford Mustang featuring a set of twin turbos that make this thing rock it to the moon and back.

When we join Frank this time, he’s making quite the impressive pass as his car is jets down the track to a 4.05-second pass at speeds reaching 196mph. Could you imagine being propelled to nearly 200mph in just four seconds?

Check out the video below to see the Mustang action and be sure to tell us what you think of this beautiful boosted ride. This thing has that wow factor if you ask us.

This turbo Mustang comeback below might be the greatest in all of racing history.

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