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NBA Star Stomps a Mud Hole in Alleged Car Vandal

Vandalizing someone’s car is almost never a good idea. Trust us when we say that there are more creative ways to get justice for whatever your cause is. It turns out that this alleged vandal really ended up regretting that decision when he found out who the car’s owner was. After doing what we would assume was some serious damage, the man would soon meet NBA Star, J.R. Smith.

Smith who has most recently played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, now a free agent, stands at 6′ 6″ tall, 225 pounds. Let’s just say that he used all of his size and athletic ability when he discovered that his vehicle had been damaged.

Bystanders broke out their phones to record the situation as Smith opened a can of whoop-ass on the alleged vandal.

Even though, it seems like a justifiable reaction, depending on who you ask, Smith seemed to have regret after the fact. He did say that vandalizing his car was a “Random act of stupidness,” even though people who he talked to argued that J.R. was in the right. However, he retorted that “That ass whoopin’ was a random act of stupidness on my behalf as well.”

Smith would go on to cite his four daughters, saying that he didn’t want the image of their dad is capable of such an act in their heads. In hindsight, Smith says that he might’ve been seeing red. We can’t really say that we blame him for being angry.

The video below captures the moment, showing Smith really laying into the perp. Maybe next time, destroying a random car will be a little less random for whoever it was that carried out the act. Being on the receiving end of that massive foot really seems like a situation that would be a lesson learned the hard way.


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