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NBA Superstar Carmelo Anthony Gifts Working, Single Mother Struggling To Attend Her Daughters Basketball Games A New Car

Since being drafted 3rd overall in the 2003 NBA Draft (Behind None other than Lebron James, and European draft bust Darko Milicic) out of Syracuse by the Denver Nuggets. Carmelo Anthony hasn’t exactly developed a good-guy reputation off the court having been known as a bad teammate, selfish, and being caught in controversies more than one time.

The 10 time NBA All-Star, and 4 time Olympic Gold Medal winner has been known to be a pain off the court. So much so that he was cut from the Houston Rockets in 2018 after 10 games, and had to work his way into a job a year later. Finally landing on Portland with a Trailblazers team being led by Point Guard Damian Lillard, and Cj McCollum had already given troubled Center Hassan Whiteside a second lease on life, and a career resurgence this season. The team has struggled but looks to be a playoff contender this season.

Melo has always managed to do charity work and loves to give back to the community where he is playing, although it’s a lesser talked about subject surrounding the superstar. He was a spokesperson for a family resource center during his time in Denver with the Nuggets and helped organize a Christmas party, entitled “A Very Melo Christmas,” for less well-off children. In Baltimore, Anthony hosts an annual 3-on3 basketball tournament. In December of 2016 He contributed $1.5 million to the Living Classrooms Foundation, a non-profit organization that “provides innovative hands-on-education, job-training, and community service programs for over 35,000 children, youth and young adults in the east Baltimore community.

So when we saw the story about him buying a working, single mother who struggled to get to and from work and to her daughter’s basketball game a car to get around we really weren’t surprised.

Way to be a good guy, and resurrect your career Carmelo. We’re cheering for you!


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