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Need A Paint Job For Your Car? No Problem! Just Use House Paint Like This Guy!

For those of us who take on the challenge of modifying our cars, we don’t always go at it with an unlimited budget. When you look at automotive publications, you might see these beautiful machines that are erected seemingly in no time at all but, when you face it, we don’t all have the monetary flow that a lot of these places and individuals have to make dreams into reality.

In this situation, sometimes, life gets in the way and tends to be a little bit more important than modifying a car which could lead you with a strict budget to make your ride the way that you want it to be. This is where creative solutions come into play and we really get to see how some people can stretch a budget and use their ability to make a car something impressive without breaking the bank entirely.

For this individual, it’s clear to us that he probably didn’t have the budget for this car to rival a show quality finish. I’m not sure if he just wanted to make his own car look different or if he was getting ready to sell it and wanted to cover up some imperfections, however, when he was caught on video giving it a paint job, it’s something that you have to see in order to believe as you try to figure out where he thought that this was going to go right.

Apparently, this dude thought that taping up the car and masking off the windows before breaking out the roller and some paint was the way to go. Hopefully, this isn’t just your traditional house paint and will at least, at a minimum, be something that will be able to stand up to the elements. Otherwise, the first time that it rains, this paint job is going to be wasted down the gutter.

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