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Neighbors sue man to stop auto repairs at his own home

Most of the time, we try to stay as neutral as possible. For right or for wrong, everyone has their opinion and they are entitled to it but in the situation, we just can’t help but feel bad for this guy who has worked his way into the shop of his dreams, only to be harassed by his neighbors, the same neighbors that he has helped out in the past by working on their lawnmowers.

As automotive aficionados, most of us have a goal of retiring to a nice piece of property with a rather large shop to work on our vehicles along with the vehicles of our friends once the everyday grind of a nine to five dies off and we’re able to have some free time on our hands.

When Charles Williams got his setup rolling after selling off some land and using the money to build a garage that dreams are made of to wrench on his vehicles along with the vehicles of friends, some nosy neighbors just couldn’t stand the building that Charles had erected to carry out such work.

With tons of free time that these neighbors apparently have on their hands and thousands upon thousands of dollars in legal fees, these distraught neighbors would take it upon themselves to try and make sure that the garage be shut down, never to see the light of day again.

Check out the story below as reported by the Cape Gazette as this Harbeson, Delaware man’s dreams are up against the legal system, for what legitimate reason – we couldn’t really tell you. Maybe we’re looking at this with a biased view, but we have to say that this surely looks like a couple of folks with nothing better to do to us.