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New Bill Allows Officers To Unconstitutionally Arrest Street Racing Suspects

There has been a debate going on across America for quite some time. In this great country of ours, we have a constitution that affords us certain rights. Among those rights, we find the right to be faced by our accuser and witnesses in a court of law. In this situation, it’s argued that there is no real accuser that could realistically make a court case. In order to enforce such violations, some argue that the camera technician should have to be present and prove wrongdoing. Lawkick.com argues that “The harm is that photographs may be altered, photoshopped, or doctored in order to establish a case, and these are the issues appropriate for the technician, not the police officer, to address in court.”

This is why it’s being widely argued that things like red light cameras live on the side of the unconstitutional.

In some states, red light cameras have been deemed unconstitutional. However, as red light camera laws stand in other areas, it seems to have provided a precedent. A bill has recently passed in the state of Florida that will now allow police officers to crack down on street racing even if they didn’t see it happening. The final vote was 39-0 says floridapolitics.com.

This bill proposes that if an officer is presented with video evidence, they can proceed to make an arrest. It doesn’t matter if they actually saw who was driving the car or not. You know, that’s not really an important piece of the puzzle anyway, right? (end sarcasm here)

Anyways, if all goes according to plan, it’ll only be a matter of time before Florida is knocking down everyone’s door who has ever been seen in a video street racing. We’re told that most of the time, complaints come from people who live near areas where racing takes place.

Don’t get us wrong, we are definitely not condoning illegal activity. Those who decide to break the law know the consequences. If they get caught, they should have to face the music. However, it really seems like this bill opens up the door for some questionable decisions to be made. It’s kind of hard to tell if this sort of arrests will have much of a chance to lead to conviction. However, we get the feeling that this bill is going to be met with strong opposition by those who support the constitution the most.