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Hypercar Gone Electric and the Specs are Promising

If you take a minute to consider the landscape of performance these days and compare it to that of maybe a decade or two ago, things are absolutely crazy in some aspects and a little bizarre in others. Cars are not only going much faster than ever as they’re being released, across the board, with power that’s never been seen before in production automobiles, but we’re also seeing alternative forms of energy being used in the performance car market as electricity has been surging into the conversation of not only efficiency but also a little bit of performance as well.

This time, we get to take a dive into a car that seems pretty promising as a prototype in the Tachyon Speed, a tandem-seated hypercar that looks like something that you’d see in an action movie. With 1250hp on tap and ready to roll, it might just be something that could make such cinematic sequences come to life in the real world.

In the video overview of the car featured here, we get not only a brief rundown of what you can expect with such a car but also a little bit of chat about how exactly the industry might eventually shift to the point where all of the benefit in transportation lies with electric powered machines.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get a little slice of performance that could foreshadow what you’re going to be seeing blasting around on the streets in abundance in the next couple of decades or so. How would you feel if electric cars continued their creep from the industry of transportation efficiency and blasted into performance, taking over the landscape as a whole? Just imagine the technology being widespread enough to have entire events dedicated to gas vs electric racing!