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Gidi Sets New GT-R World Record With Blistering Quarter Mile Pass

When the fall season starts to roll around, the racing world begins to prepare for records to drop. In fact, the end cap on the season in the northeast just so happens to be the Import vs Domestic World Cup finals. During this event, the cold weather starts to roll in which allows drivers to put down their best passes of the year. Combine this with the insane track prep always on point from the Miller Brothers and you have yourself a concoction for records.

This year was certainly no different as the density altitudes dropped and so did all sorts of records. Don’t get us wrong. Drivers still need to be on point and their cars need to be firing on all cylinders. However, the awesome conditions really can help give them that extra edge that they need to go over-the-top. For Gidi Chamdi, that would be the case this past weekend.

Those familiar with the Nissan GT-R community are probably familiar with Chamdi for his insane efforts behind the wheel of the GT-R platform. His showing at World Cup would be no different as the current GT-R record loomed in the distance. Albeit by one-hundredth of a second, at the end of the event, Gidi would pocket a new record with a 6.56-second pass at an astonishing 225 mph.

By following along with the BigKleib34 video down below, we’re able to take ourselves to the scene of the action. With so many factors going into making the perfect pass, the payoff was more than worth it. Teams really have to be on their toes and align everything just right in order to take down a record like this.

Gidi and Extreme Turbo Systems have much to be proud of. However, we’re not sure that they’re quite done yet. Stay tuned to see just how much further they’re able to push the envelope.

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