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New-ish Silverado + Nitrous, Almost in the 10s! Sleeper?

When it comes to the technology that they invest in cars and trucks these days, it’s really amazing how much power the engines used are able to efficiently make. Without a bunch of modifications, you can see some cars that weren’t designed necessarily to go fast, well, going pretty darn fast.

This time, Holley LS Fest is the location that’s bringing us the action as this Chevrolet Silverado steps up to the plate to take a crack at the quarter mile, using a shot of nitrous and what sounds like an aftermarket camshaft to aid in the power creation.

In short, it doesn’t really appear as if this truck is a very far cry from the one that rolled off of the assembly line. Heck, it even is sporting oversized factory wheels still. With a deep breath and a good launch off of the line, the truck manages to make its way to the low 11-second range, Just a couple of tenths off of the tens!

Check out the BigKleib34 video below that features of this Silverado that’s a lot more oppressive than appearance would indicate. While it’s easy to be distracted by all these 8-second rides and faster that are being shoved in our faces these days, seeing something like this roll out the way that it does is pretty darn impressive!