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New MSD 6CT Ignition Control: A Hardcore Ignition That Works as Hard as the Racers That Use it!

For years, MSD has been the leader in racing ignitions. They didn’t get that title by resting on their laurels, though, as they continue to push the ignition world and the whole of motorsports forward with their constant drive for innovation. As you can see in the video below, they look beyond the actual performance – which they’ve had nailed down for years – and add features that make for a more user-friendly experience while also providing a measure of safety and durability in their new 6CT circle track ignition.

While it’s designed specifically to work best in a circle track car, the 6CT will actually work quite well in any application, including all but the most demanding drag race applications. While interchangeable chips were the accepted standard for so long when it came to setting rev limiters and timing retards, MSD has gotten rid of them for a much simpler dial interface right the front of the box itself.  The series of dials allows rev limits to be changed in seconds with the simple twist of the dials, one of which changes the thousands place and the other of which changes the hundreds place. There’s also a dial for setting the number of cylinders and the timing retarded used when cranking to help keep the engine from kicking back and destroying the starter. By combining all of the controls and functions into a single box without chips or modules, MSD has helped the racer by simplifying the process by which these settings are changed.

The 6CT box is completely sealed and waterproof, allowing the box to survive the harshest of conditions come raceday. The box is so well sealed that we see it dropped into a bucket of water while the engine is running and in continues to send spark to the engine as if nothing was out of the ordinary, because for MSD and their awesome products, delivering exactly as advertised is just the way things are done.

MSD 6CT Ignition Under Water Test

WOAH! Did he really just do that?! Look below to see how well our new 6CT Ignition swims!

Posted by MSD Performance on Monday, July 10, 2017


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