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New Service Simplifies Process of Buying/Selling a Professionally Modified Car

If you’re looking to sell your modified vehicle without the joyriders and tire kickers, the perfect solution has been born.

Those who have ventured into the realm of buying and selling modified vehicles understand the challenges that can arise.

On the buyer’s side, navigating this market can be rife with pitfalls. Trying to find a reliable source for a modified vehicle in today’s open marketplaces can be a daunting task. One of the primary concerns for buyers of such machines is the fear of inheriting someone else’s problems. No one wants to invest in an expensive car with modifications that turn into a money-draining headache.

Sellers in this market also face their own set of issues. Finding the right buyer for certain vehicles can be a laborious process. Take, for example, someone trying to sell a machine boasting over 1000 horsepower. Simply listing it on platforms like Facebook Marketplace may prove challenging. Many potential buyers lack the knowledge to fully comprehend what they’re looking at when they see such an ad which can generate a time-wasting experience.

Thankfully, Ron Mowen, the owner of Vengeance Racing, and his son, Caydin Mowen, have created a solution – the “Professionally Modified Vehicles For Sale” community. This platform serves as a meeting place for owners and prospective buyers of modified vehicles, a space where some of the most incredible cars on Earth, with the caveat of being professionally modified to mitigate risks, can be bought and sold.

The Mowens offer two different listing options to cater to the needs of this community. The first option is a basic listing service. Sellers provide all the necessary information, pictures, and details, and the Mowens create the listing, distributing it across various social media outlets. This option, which involves a small fee, keeps the question-answering and sales process in the hands of the seller and the exposure to the right group of potential buyers to the page.

For those seeking a more comprehensive experience, there’s option number 2 – the “full brokerage service.” Here, sellers can hand over the stress to the pros. The Mowens handle everything: creating the listing, communicating with potential buyers, and facilitating the transaction itself. The seller and staff discuss the listing price and bottom-line price, coming to an agreement on the value and proceeding with the sale accordingly. This method involves a flat percentage fee for the comprehensive service.

When all of the pieces of the puzzle come together, it creates an experience that removes headaches and streamlines what could otherwise become a difficult process. With a name like Mowen behind it, users of the service can rest assured that their modified machine experience is in good hands.

Be sure to check out what’s for sale at the Professionally Modified Vehicles For Sale community now!