fb-pixel New Shocking Video: All-Female RR Attack Captured On Camera
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New Shocking Video: All-Female RR Attack Captured On Camera

The Incident Unfolds in Rangiora

On a seemingly ordinary Saturday in Rangiora, near Christchurch, New Zealand, Chantelle Baker experienced a road rage incident that quickly escalated into violence. What started as a routine drive behind a blue Mazda Demio turned into a dramatic and shocking encounter, all caught on camera. The video, which has since gone viral, captures the raw intensity and unexpected nature of the altercation, leaving viewers in disbelief.

The Unexpected Attack

Chantelle Baker was driving behind a blue Mazda Demio when the incident began. As she slowed down to 40 km/h after witnessing the Mazda nearly cause a crash at a merge lane, she found herself being tailgated. The tension escalated rapidly. Suddenly, two women burst out of the Mazda and sprinted toward Baker’s car. The footage shows the intense moment when one of the women jumped onto the hood of Baker’s car and stomped on the windshield, shattering it instantly. The aggressor then jumped off, opened the driver-side door, and screamed, “f*** off,” before Baker quickly reversed and drove away to avoid further confrontation.

The Aftermath

The violent encounter left Chantelle Baker shaken and her car damaged. She explained that the vehicle she was driving was borrowed, and she now faces the burden of replacing the shattered windshield. Despite the severity of the attack, no one was physically hurt. The police have started an investigation, but it is still in its early stages.

Background on Chantelle Baker

Ms Baker pictured is the daughter of former New Conservatives Leader Leighton Baker and gained a mass following for her anti vaccine protests

Chantelle Baker is not just any driver; she is the daughter of Leighton Baker, the former leader of the New Conservatives party. She is also a well-known anti-vaccine influencer in New Zealand. In 2022, her Facebook page was deactivated by Meta for sharing misleading and harmful information about vaccines. Despite the controversy surrounding her, Baker’s live broadcasts on social media garnered significant engagement, often surpassing mainstream media outlets. This incident has thrust her back into the public eye, but this time for an entirely different reason.

The Road Rage Epidemic

Road rage incidents like the one experienced by Chantelle Baker are becoming increasingly common. The stress of driving, coupled with the anonymity that vehicles provide, often leads to explosive situations. This particular incident stands out not only because it was caught on camera but also because of the aggressiveness and coordination displayed by the attackers.

Video Shocking all female road rage attack is caught on camera and the footage has to be seen to be believed

The Role of Dash Cams

The widespread availability of dash cams has made it easier to capture and share road rage incidents. In Baker’s case, the dashcam footage played a crucial role in documenting the altercation, providing clear evidence of the events that transpired. For car enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike, dash cams are becoming essential tools for ensuring accountability and safety on the road.

The Legal and Financial Implications

For Chantelle Baker, the aftermath of the incident involves more than just emotional trauma. She now faces the financial burden of repairing the damaged car, a cost she should not have to bear. Legally, the perpetrators could face charges for their actions, including property damage and assault. However, the wheels of justice turn slowly, and it remains to be seen how the case will unfold.

Celebrity and Controversy

Baker’s status as a public figure adds another layer of complexity to the story. As the daughter of a former political leader and a controversial figure herself, any incident involving her is bound to attract attention. Her influence and notoriety have likely amplified the reach of the video, drawing more eyes to the shocking footage.

The Power of Social Media

The rapid spread of the video across social media platforms highlights the power of these networks in shaping public perception. Within hours of the incident, the footage was viewed and shared by thousands, sparking conversations about road rage, safety, and accountability. For better or worse, social media has become a powerful tool for documenting and disseminating real-life events.

Lessons Learned

For car enthusiasts and everyday drivers, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability of the road. It underscores the importance of remaining calm and composed, even in stressful situations. Additionally, it highlights the value of having a dashcam to capture incidents and provide evidence if needed.

Preventing Road Rage

Preventing road rage requires a collective effort from all drivers. It involves practicing patience, respecting other motorists, and maintaining a calm demeanor. For those who find themselves targeted by aggressive drivers, the best course of action is to avoid confrontation and seek help from authorities if necessary.

The Importance of Driver Safety

Driver safety extends beyond avoiding road rage incidents. It involves regular vehicle maintenance, adherence to traffic laws, and staying focused on the road. For car enthusiasts, taking pride in one’s vehicle also means taking responsibility for safe driving practices.

The Role of Law Enforcement

Law enforcement plays a crucial role in addressing road rage incidents. Prompt responses and thorough investigations can deter future aggressors and provide justice for victims. In this case, the police have initiated an investigation, and their findings will be critical in determining the outcome.


The road rage incident involving Chantelle Baker is a stark reminder of the volatility that can erupt on the roads. It serves as a cautionary tale for all drivers, emphasizing the importance of vigilance, patience, and preparedness. For car enthusiasts, it underscores the need to balance a passion for driving with a commitment to safety and respect for others on the road. As the investigation continues, the hope is that justice will be served, and lessons will be learned from this shocking encounter.