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New Technology – Direct Metal Laser Printing

With the way that technology is moving today, it almost is to the point where you barely have the chance to learn about the way that the cutting edge is working before something else comes along and completely makes the latest and greatest on the market today, well, obsolete.

This time, we check out some new tech on Jay Leno’s Garage and you know if one of the biggest car nuts in the world has his eye on it, then it has to be something good. After checking it out, we have to say that this is one of those new advancements that certainly doesn’t disappoint.

In this one, Bry Ewan from Stratasys Direct Manufacturing gives Jay the rundown on how exactly he’s able to bypass the plastic mold process of 3D printing and go straight to metal printing to make the process work just a little bit quicker. Learn what it’s all about in the video down below that shows you exactly what the latest and greatest in the business is working so that you don’t have to!