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Local News Bullies Custodian into Looking Like the Bad Guy in Car Dealership Fire

When you see a video like this, you just can’t help but feel for the guy captured on this security footage. It Looks like we have a situation where a hard working man who is out there chugging along past regular working hours trying to collect a paycheck ends up in a bad situation where one factor leads to another and an entire car dealership ends up on fire. In addition, the worker wouldn’t be able to escape without having severe burns to his arm. In my personal opinion, the whole situation basically spiraled into an incredible mishap that all could have been avoided if some basic precautionary measures were put in place.

You can’t help but get the feeling that, in a situation like this, everybody is going to be looking to play the blame game. Lots of money is sure to be lost in this situation and after all, someone needs to have the finger pointed at them to be the responsible party here, right? That’s exactly where a news station can step in and spin the story however they’d like to get the most viewership possible.

Well, as you can see in this one, the worker does walk right past a container of gasoline, knocking it over on the floor and attempting to clean it up with his floor sweeper. However, as he passes over it, I guess the sweeper was incredibly hot, causing the gasoline to be ignited and starting the fire that would take down the dealership.

Now, a local news station has decided to pick apart the 911 call that resulted from the incident. While the worker did directly start the blaze, I don’t really think that this analysis is entirely fair because the guy was in distress when he made the call, obviously, but the news station really made their best attempt to frame the story in a way that would make the custodian a liar here. Whether or not he was at fault is debatable, but this station really took things to another level!

I think that the better question to be asking is who left that container of gasoline sitting open in the first place. I’m not sure if we should really place all the blame on the man sweeping the floor or the person who left behind the gas but I guess that isn’t for us to decide. After checking out the video below, be sure to tell us who you think should be held responsible for a situation like this.