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New World Record Sends C8 Corvette to 1350 WHP

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on September 15, 2021

As new and exciting developments come to the automotive market, it’s always cool to see how exactly these new platforms are modified and how far some of the stock components can be stretched. Now that the mid-engine C8 Corvette has been in the hands of the professionals for a while now, we’re beginning to see how the modification of these monsters is beginning to take shape.

One of the shops that is certainly leading the charge happens to be FuelTech. In fact, after implementing a couple of innovations to the platform, FuelTech has taken the record of the most powerful C8 Corvette, mustering up a wild 1,350 WHP on their hub dyno.

In this one, shop owner, Anderson Dick, takes us through what exactly FuelTech has been tinkering with on the new Corvette. As we know, the ride already has a twin turbo setup in place. However, Dick relays that different aspects like new clutches to support the power and proper electronics from FuelTech have certainly opened up a whole new world for the already impressive machine. Anyone can slap a couple of turbos on a car but being able to really dial it all in is nothing short of an art form.

He also remarks that the crew has really been able to test out just how far some of the stock architecture in the C8 can be taken. With just a couple of modifications, it seems as if most of the shop is impressed by the fact that the LT2 has managed in the ballpark of 1500 hp at the crank!

Down in the video below, we get an up-close and personal view of this wild ride along with hearing about some of the challenges and capabilities that come alongside the new C8. It’s certainly exciting to see these massive strides being taken as we get to see just how far something like a 2020 Corvette will go.

Stay tuned as we’re sure that FuelTech isn’t done with this monster machine just yet!


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