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Newer GT500 Gets Loose and Plows into Both Walls

Even though we would all like to maintain a spotless racing record, you know as well as I do that if you race for long enough, something is bound to happen whether it be breaking parts, breaking hearts, or being tied up in the unfortunate situation of losing control of your car and heading toward the wall.

For the guy behind the wheel of this Shelby GT500, he was put in the unfortunate situation of having the third option unfold when he headed down the lanes at Street Car takeover at Orlando Speed World. It all happened so quickly that it doesn’t look like there’s much he could really do about it as the supercharged monster attempted to take a shot at a Nissan GT-R.

While heading down his lane, banging gears, everything seemed to be about fine as the car made its way a decent distance down the track, when all of a sudden, something went wrong and it took a sharp left turn into the wall before hitting it and sliding across the track where it would hit the other wall as well.

It isn’t clear if a system on the car malfunctioned or some other factor came into play to make this machine go down the way that did. I guess, at the end of the day, all you can tell yourself is that this is a risk that you take while racing and things happen. Most importantly, the driver managed to be alright and lived to go out there and do battle another day.