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News Report Shows it’s Incredibly Easy to Steal YOUR Car From a Valet

With some things in this world, you have to simply find a way to trust others. I know that might be a hard thing to do because of different reports in the news that you see or maybe even your personal experiences but at times, you just have to take a little bit of a risk. Sometimes, though, there might be risks that you take a second look at, wondering if it’s worth it at all in the first place. One of those situations might be that of using a valet as there have been plenty of stories of these workers taking advantage of customers who leave the keys to their car behind. Sometimes, if parking it yourself is an option, you might want to seize that opportunity.

In this news report, we watch as a couple of journalists head out and do their best to trick different valet workers into handing over the keys to a car that doesn’t belong to them. While the car is planted by one journalist, another swoops in and attempts to get it back himself with no mention from his coworker. You would think it would be pretty difficult to get a car without the proper valet ticket, however, it would appear as if it might be a lot easier than you had originally anticipated which is kind of scary to think about.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able see just how much or how little effort actually was invested in trying to snatch up a car that technically the fake perp didn’t leave behind.

It’s really a tough situation to be able to tell if you should blame the valet or feel bad for them, however, you can really see how something like this could create a confusing scenario for just about anybody to be tied up in. I personally wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a situation like this.