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NFL Star, Juju Smith-Schuster Surprised His Friend With the Ultimate Birthday Gift

JuJu Smith-Schuster has quickly become one of the NFL’s fan favorites. On the field, the Pittsburgh Steelers star has what it takes to hold his own among some of the best. At just 23-years-old Juju has truly separated himself from the pack as a wide receiver who we could see sticking around as an all-star for a long time.

However, it seems like fans have gravitated toward him for a lot more than his play on the field.  Off the field, his beaming personality and playful attitude really resonate with football fans from around the league. It seems like wherever Juju goes, a wave of positivity and optimism is sure to follow.

This time, we join in as Juju is hooking up a friend for his birthday. He’s planning to hand over the keys to a 2019 Hellcat Challenger. However, the gift isn’t going to come without a little bit of a prank first. If you’re going to give someone a car, why not have a little bit of fun with it?

To get things started, Juju decides to mess with his buddy a bit. He does this by buying a couple of dozen eggs and hurling them at the victim’s car. After, that, though, Juju brings his unsuspecting friend to the roof of a parking garage and blindfolds him. As he pulls away from the blindfold, the supercharged Mopar is revealed and things get a little bit emotional.

Upon receiving the gift, Davonne, tells Juju that he can’t accept it because Juju already does too much for him. However, as you might’ve guessed, Smith-Schuster isn’t going to let his friend leave without the car keys in hand! We have to admit that the more we see of Juju, the more we can’t help but like the guy!

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