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NHRA Plans to Start Racing in June With Fans in Attendance

In the wake of social distancing, the NHRA plans to set itself apart from the pack. That’s right, the plan is to bring back events complete with fans! It’s almost weird to say that social gatherings almost seem like a foreign concept at this point. However, the NHRA seems to want to normalize racing again come early June.

NBC Sports was able to get an exclusive comment from the NHRA regarding their plans. In the comment, NHRA President, Glen Cromwell told NBC“Our goal is to go back racing with fans.”

He continued, “We are the most fan-friendly (sport). I think that’s what separates our sport from everybody else, the accessibility and interaction that our sport has. I just don’t see it (racing) happening without fans.”

Cromwell did say that the NHRA explored the possibility of racing without fans. However, he seems to be adamant about racing with the bleachers filled. We didn’t get the complete details as we’re not sure that they’re set in stone quite yet. However, it does appear as if the NHRA will try to get back to racing with fans practicing some sort of social distancing.

The NHRA is currently set to resume with the Gatornationals June 5-7 in Florida.

Obviously, this is a situation that’s going to have to be played by ear. With the state of the Coronavirus, it really seems like nothing is certain these days. The state of the union almost changes with the direction of the wind.

However, both the governing body of the NHRA and racers alike seem to be raring and ready to get back to action. Hopefully, we can see racing sooner than later and in a way that’s as safe as possible. Keeping everyone healthy does seem to be a primary concern of the NHRA. However, they’re pushing hard to get racing back to a form that at least resembles the way that it was.

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