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Night at Museum Takes a Trip to the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame

Whenever talking about straight-line racing and all the adrenaline that you can get by blasting down the track next to somebody else who wants to take home victory just as much as you do, we’re referring to some of the most insane racing action that can happen.

From the outside, people might wonder what’s so challenging about taking a car straight down a strip of paved surface, and for those people, we really invite them to step behind-the-scenes of a racing team to see all that goes into making the competitiveness work. Long story short, if you’ve ever been a part of something like this you know that it’s a lot more challenging than it would look on the surface and therefore, we have a lot of respect for those to do it the best.

Thanks to legendary racer, Don Garlits, we have a place where we’re able to celebrate these people who are paving the way for drag racing to continue on as one of the greatest sports on the face of this earth. In the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame, we get to admire and pay homage to the work of some of the greatest who have ever been a part of the sport. It certainly has to be an honor and privilege to be a part of this group and this time, we get to check out some of the latest inductees who have made their way into the Hall of Fame.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see the latest induction ceremony that was headed by Don Garlits as the 2018 class finally gets their nod to reside among the greats in the Hall of Fame where all of their hard work has shown to finally pay off. We have to take our hats off and congratulate those who have made their way to the highest honor in drag racing!