Crazy NISSAN GTR Hit’s The Ski SLOPES!

Crazy NISSAN GTR Hit’s The Ski SLOPES!Get 2x the entries is live to win a ...

Crazy NISSAN GTR Hit’s The Ski SLOPES!

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We see them on the drag strip and even around road courses from time to time. The Nissan GT-R is one of the most well-rounded performance cars that one could fathom, but we never expected to see one driven like this.

Instead of punishing the tarmac, this AWD Nissan powered beast hits the ski slope for the ultimate display of versatility. We definitely don’t see a RWD sports car doing this!

Check out the video below and prepare yourself for one of the most intense rides in the snow that you’ve ever seen! This beast doesn’t even bat an eye when it comes to battling the treacherous conditions!

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