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Nissan GT-R vs. 1000HP Hennesey Cadillac Escalade!

Nissan GT-R vs. 1000HP Hennesey Cadillac Escalade!

Take one look at the Nissan GT-R sitting next to a Cadillac Escalade. Even if you had no idea what Godzilla is all about, even the most casual of spectators would probably understand that the sports car is beating up on the SUV nine out of ten times.

Unfortunately for this Nissan owner, this is the rare one out of ten times that the SUV fights back! Of course, this isn’t just any SUV, but rather the HPE1000. In other words, it’s the result of what happens when Hennessey Performance gets their hands on a Cadillac.

Check out the race below as this one comes down to the wire. Dare we say that this Cadillac is one of the best sleepers ever?

Perhaps this Alpha 12 GT-R would have been more effective.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 8.27.38 AM


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