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Nissan GT-R vs Koenigsegg CCR

It’s a dog fight as an everyday Nissan GT-R faces off with a Koenigsegg CCR in an exotic battle.

The Nissan GT-R is widely regarded as an everyday supercar, meaning one doesn’t have to be incredibly rich to get their hands on one but at the same time it has the performance and prestige associated with owning one of the world’s most impressive cars.

We find it interesting to see how match-ups go when cars that fall into this category face off with top tier supercars such as the Koenigsegg CCR Evolution. In this video, that’s exactly what goes down. Now with the reputation that the GT-R has earned, we almost expect it to be a competitor against anything that it comes across, but that is nowhere near the story in this one.

Watch the video to see how the race goes down as the everyday supercar faces off with top 1% supercar. Maybe it’s time to throw a few mods at the Nissan.