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Nissan Offers Up Deadmau5-Spec GT-R To Counter Ferrari’s Lameness

Electronic music artist Deadmau5 made headlines awhile back when he covered his Ferrari 458 Spider in a Nyan Cat-themed wrap. He took it a step further when he added custom-made “Purrari” badging, and the Internet throngs fell in love with his rather hilarious choice in livery. There was one group that wasn’t laughing, however, and it was the killjoys at Ferrari

The automaker actually went so far as to send Joel Zimmerman, the man behind the mouse ears, a cease-and-desist letter. The most offensive areas, per the automaker, were the aforementioned badges and some custom floor mats bearing the same Purrari logo and lettering.

DeadMau5 Nissan GT-R

Zimmerman recently had the wrap and badging removed, as he plans to sell the car. He has to make a bit more room in his parking area as he recently acquired a McLaren 650 S. Perhaps he should also consider a Nissan GT-R.

Nissan took to Twitter with a custom-wrapped Godzilla that resembles the livery found on the Purrari. Most think it’s a Photoshop job, which makes sense at this time, but we would have to believe Nissan would make good on such a Deadmau5-spec machine if the man behind the music agreed to pick one up.

Kudos to Nissan for having a sense of humor. On the other hand, it’s amazing that a company like Ferrari can build such amazing, soulful, and smile-creating machines, yet the people behind the Prancing Horse seem to revel in squashing out fun whenever they can.

Source: Motor Authority

By: Jeff Glucker


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