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Nissan R33 Skyline From Hell, This Thing Hauls Ass

Jimmy’s Nissan R33 has been away from the track for a couple of years, but now he’s back and ripping off personal-best ET’s.

Running at the Melbourne Jamboree in the Land Down Under, Jimmy laid down an 8.77, a killer ET by all accounts. Then he came back around and uncorked an 8.68 at 163 MPH! To put that in perspective, there are plenty of race cars in the NHRA’s Competition Eliminator class, one of the top sportsman classes under the NHRA banner, that are nowhere near that quick.

The R33, which runs under the PAC Performance team, is powered by Nissan’s turbocharged RB series engine, and it relies on super-sticky drag radials for traction to push the ET’s as low as possible. Besides being insanely quick, Jimmy’s ride is a great looking combination of street car and all-out drag race badass, finding that rare balance of looks and performance! This is definitely a car worth watching, as we can only assume even quicker ET’s are coming soon!