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Nissan S13 Drift Car EPIC Wheel Ejection Fail

Nissan S13 Drift Car EPIC Wheel Ejection Fail. 

Sometimes, you just straight up have a bad day. That was the case for this Australian Pro-Am drifter and driver of this Nissan S13.

As he was readying to tech in when a little mishap occurred that honestly made us nearly spit our drinks out the we laughed so hard. It’s all good though, we’ve all been in a similar spot at one point or another.

When attempting to come to a stop, a faulty wheel spacer caused the front wheel on the drift car to go flying, the fender and front bumper going right along with it. Luckily all of this went down at a low speed and the driver is only left with a minor headache and will probably be able to laugh it off once his car recovers.

We wouldn’t even want to imagine what would have happened should the wheel have flown off while he was moving at a high rate of speed.


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