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Nitrous Camaro Owner Gets Seriously Butt Hurt When He Gets Smoked By an Electric Car!

When it comes to racing, things can definitely get complicated, however, one thing that pretty much nobody in the racing community really wants to deal with is a person who doesn’t know how to take their loss gracefully. As someone who has been on the losing side of the coin many times, I couldn’t even imagine myself being that guy who got all angry because he lost and ends up shouting all kinds of insults and excuses. It’s simple, really, if you lose, you walk over to the winner, shake their hand, and go home. Maybe later you can discuss racing again if you really want a rematch.

This time, we check out yet another person who has fallen victim to the Tesla from Tesla Racing Channel. Now, this is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about because this car seems to work incredibly well. It wouldn’t surprise me if it managed to get great traction on ice at full throttle, let alone the street. The car is been seen taking down a whole variety of machines that most would think would dominate an electric vehicle. However, as with this little tussle with that nitrous powered Chevrolet Camaro, the Tesla has taken home more than its fair share of impressive victories.

Check out the video below as the owner of the Camaro gets a little bit upset with his loss and seems to get incredibly angry at the owner of the Tesla. If there’s one thing that there’s no room for in racing, it’s an attitude like that after you just lost the race. Follow along with the video below and tell us what you think of this matchup along with the little confrontation afterward that probably went a little bit further than most people would want to see on a race night.