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Nitrous Cutlass and Camaro Go For a Wild Ride at The San Antonio Street Outlaw Race!

When you get out there on the racing surface, especially that of a no prep, you never really know what’s going to happen. The lack of track preparation and big time power can really combine to make a volatile concoction that really comes to life, sending cars in every which direction and challenging drivers to a type of racing that, prior to no prep, they might’ve never even thought to be possible.This is why fans really enjoy watching the action so much because you really never know what’s going to happen as drivers push themselves to a new level in order to put on a show in the name of the victory.

In the video below, we check out a couple of cars that definitely go for a wild ride during the San Antonio Street Outlaws race. When this nitrous powered Oldsmobile Cutlass and Chevrolet Camaro would line up next to each other, everything looked to be going as according to plan but before long, the Camaro would end up losing composure and ended up sliding all over the race track, eventually coming out of its lane and sliding right in front of the Cutlass before plowing this way into the wall. Simultaneously, the Olds managed to do the same thing, minus the hitting the wall part. It’s not a situation that you would ever wish on anybody but something that drivers are aware of when they step into the ring for a no prep event.

Ride along with the video below as brought to us by the  National No Prep Racing Association and you’ll be able see the scene of the action for yourself as this driver does everything that he possibly can to keep the car in between the walls and, at the last second, ends up coming up just short of that goal as the beautiful Camaro ends up meeting with the concrete barrier, causing need for a little bit of work to be done to get this thing back out on the racing surface again. Most importantly, the drivers were both okay and will live to ride another day.