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Nitrous GRUDGE Car Haulin the mail!!

Nitrous GRUDGE Car Haulin the mail at the HOUSE OF HOOK!!

Oh yeah he is spraying a big shot!!

What is Grudge Racing?

Grudge racing is a form of drag racing quickly growing in the South, NE (NY,NY,etc.) and spreading throughout the US. Grudge racing to some is talking smack in a forum, sometimes followed up by a few pulls on the highway. This is totally different. Grudge cars are usually 7 to 10 second cars, and are very well concealed. For instance, when a true grudge car makes it to the track on occasion, “no time” or “N/T” will appear on the rear window. This instructs the tower to not display the E/T or MPH, due to keeping the car under the radar. Grudge races are held both on the street and track, and mostly for cash. Some use the tree, and some use an arm drop.