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Nitrous Oldsmobile – True Street Car That Can Hit a High 8-Second 1/4 Mile E/T

How many of you regret selling your first car? I bet a lot, but John Andrade Senior is not one of those people and has a lot of fun drag racing his Oldsmobile, which he bought at the age of fourteen. Having his Olds with a variety of engine setups during the years today John’s street car packs a Nitrous fed 406 cubic inch Small Block V8 and scores well at the 10.0 Index class in Oklahoma City.

Photo Credit – @6sixty_street

We only wish that a car we’ve hung onto for that long would look this good and run this hard! The 406 is an engine out of “The Cutty”, John Andrade, Jr.’s Street Outlaws-famous Oldsmobile G-body, and in the bigger A-body, is good for a high-8 second quarter-mile run. The family that races together stays together…in addition to seeing the big red Olds do it’s thing at a 10.0 index class race, you’ll get a look at Jayce Andrade’s “The Yeti” big-block Chevrolet-powered Fox Mustang.


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It’s a story decades in the making, that has survived many times where the car might have, or should have, been sold off!


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