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No Production Crew, No Problem! Jeff Lutz Races Daddy Dave in the Streets, Daily Drivers!

In this time of quarantine, the world is changing in a lot of ways. Some of these changes were pretty much expected in a time of a health crisis. Others, though, are the peripheral changes that we might’ve not seeing coming. Let’s just say that we’re starting to miss a lot of aspects of the real world as it was before COVID-19.

When it comes to racing corporations, they kind of have their hands tied on gatherings. These companies are forced to operate in the safest way possible to eliminate as much risk as they can. Therefore, you’re not going to see a professionally sanctioned race operating under normal circumstances no matter what brand it’s under.

On the other hand, though, racers have been hitting the streets in order to satisfy their need for competition. In the 405, it seems as if they have been leaving their most potent racing machines at home. Instead of breaking out the big guns, a lot of the guys have been relying on their daily drivers. These machines are going to be a lot easier to just take out and race. There’s a lot less maintenance required to get them going and minimal tools should be fine when it comes to making sure everything is in order.

This time, we check out one race from a recent Cash Days that had a couple of big names breaking out the daily drivers.
In one lane, we have Daddy Dave with his twin-turbo Chevrolet S10 pickup truck. For a truck that can be driven around regularly, this thing definitely hauls the mail. In the other lane, we find Jeff Lutz as he brings a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk to the show. While it looks like the S10 is likely making more power, the Trackhawk has the stout advantage of AWD on an unprepared surface.

Which one of these trucks is going to reign victorious? Find out in the National No Prep Racing Association video below! – daddydave405 /  LUTZ RACE CARS


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