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No Mercy 9 – No Time Mustang Stands On The Back Bumper, Lands In A Shower Of Sparks

Well folks, we’re just one full day of qualifying into Duck X Productions’ No Mercy 9 at South Georgia Motorsports Park and we’ve already seen a handful of cars standing on the back bumper. As always, the awesome track crew, led by prep guru Wade Rich, has the track on kill and the cars are making the most of it.

Our partner Justin Malcom, the man behind the JMalcom2004 channel, was on hand and caught one of the biggest wheelstands of the day when Anthony Evans stood his No Time Small Block Mustang on the back bumper. Evans, driving the car known as Annabel, did a killer driving job to keep the car on all fours and in his own lane, for the most part anyway.

The first hit of the day didn’t go so well for Evans, as the sweltering Georgia heat had the track temperature hovering between 130 and 140 degrees. As soon as he dropped the hammer, the tires lost traction, leaving Evans powerless to do anything but idle down the track. That was not the case for the second hit, which came later in the evening when the sun had set and the track cooled to a much more manageable 90 degrees or so.

Evans staged up and launched the car, which bit hard and sent the front end high into the sky. Evans stayed in it a bit too long, if we’re being honest, and ended up putting the car on the back bumper, which caused the car to rock up onto one side. Evans had no choice but to lift at that point, which brought the car crashing back to earth in a shower of sparks just across the track’s centerline.

Evans quickly gathered the car up and brought it safely back into his own lane, though, preventing any further damage to his car or the competitor in the other lane. We haven’t heard yet if there was any damage to the car or if Evans and crew lucked out and just scraped the oil pan on the track. Hopefully they can fix anything that may be broken and get it back on the track for the weekend.