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No Prep Kings Opener Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Concerns

In the past 24 hours, some pretty crazy things have happened. It seems like COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, has gone from a topic of discussion to a reasonable concern. The cancellations seemed to really start to domino effect here in the United States after the NBA postponed their seasons. This was quickly followed by the MLB and it would be reasonable to forecast that most major sporting events are going to be postponed.

When the biggest organizations in the country shut down, it can certainly be a cause for concern. After all, this isn’t as simple as not going to work on Monday. There are literally millions of dollars being lost as the cancellations continue to pile up.

Following the NBA, American motorsports and other sports leagues have decided to alter their schedules. Most recently, both NASCAR and the NHRA have altered their upcoming events. NASCAR will choose to push forward without fans in attendance. The NHRA has cancelled the most of the crowd-drawing races at the upcoming Gatornats. This all comes following countless event cancellations worldwide. The US just seems to be the latest to try to figure out how to grapple with the issue.

Next in line, we find the virus altering the schedule of the no prep scene. In the most recent cancellation, No Prep Kings will be operating under a bit of a delay. The series has officially decided to push back their season opener. The event that was slated to kick everything off on March 20-21 in Tuscon, Arizona will now be rescheduled. Instead, the event will take place July 31-August 1. This will make it the sixth race in a series of thirteen.

As of now, it appears as if the start to the season will be the event at South Georgia Motorsports Park on April 17-18.