Take a Deeper Dive Inside the No Prep Kings Season 4 Tracks

Every drag strip has something different to offer. To the untrained eye, this might ...

Every drag strip has something different to offer. To the untrained eye, this might not be a readily apparent concept. After all, they are a fixed length of a paved surface. What could possibly be so different about two separate stretches of the race track? As it turns out, there is an abundance of different factors that could vary from track to track even though they attempt to take on relatively similar purposes. The differences could be endless.

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This time, we dive into the world of No Prep Kings. The series is quite addicting as it takes some of the biggest personalities in all of the drag racing and smashes them together. From there, the heat is turned up by introducing these personalities to the unpredictable world of no prep. Let’s just say that things get rather rowdy.

As you might have guessed by now, track selection plays in big-time to how a No Prep Kings race is going to go. Depending on the surface, certain drivers might have their conditions of choice. However, there are other places where we’re sure that particular drivers would rather not see again. Some of these tracks have even claimed the cars of some of the drivers that are going to participate there again.

Following along with the video below, we get the rundown on what makes each track on the NPK schedule so unique. Every single surface is going to provide its very own nuances that will make it a different challenge to race on. He or she who can remain the most consistent will be able to say that they are a no-prep champion.

Which NPK competitor do you think is going to take home gold this year? Every season, it feels like the field not only gets faster but gets tighter as well.


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