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No Truck, No Problem! Dude Loads Refrigerator on Back of Dodge Challenger

No Truck, No Problem! Dude Loads Refrigerator on Back of Dodge Challenger

For those thinking of buying that brand new pickup truck, pump the brakes for a second. Perhaps, there’s something a little bit smaller that could get the job done just as efficiently. If we ask the individual pictured in this video what his thoughts are on pickup trucks, he would probably tell us that they are a touch overrated.

In most cases, when it comes to jobs like picking up a refrigerator, people would likely lean toward the idea of using some sort of pickup or trailer. For this individual, though, his Dodge Challenger was the only tool at his disposal. Instead of spending the extra $20 at Home Depot to rent a truck for the hour, he decided to press onward. That’s right, this guy thought that it would be in his best interest to load up a refrigerator on the back of his sports car.

Naturally, this is something that would be worthy of pulling out the old camera phone and snapping a quick video. The clip has quickly made its way to Facebook and is quickly making its rounds as well. By the morning, this guy might even be viral for his antics with the help of his Challenger.

As the video shuts off, we have to admit that we were hoping for a little bit more closure than this. Instead, we get the ultimate cliff hanger.

Sure, this is something that we don’t recommend trying. That isn’t to say that we aren’t a little bit curious if this guy made it home in one piece or not, though. Say what you will about these unconventional methods of refrigerator moving. This guy has the determination of a champion, even if the way of getting to the goal isn’t exactly how most would go about doing it.


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