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Nobody Wants to Pay Up on a $40,000 Race – Did He Jump? | Street Outlaws

When we tell you that street racing most certainly is a lot more than heading out there and throwing down in the actual race, we aren’t kidding. There is a whole list of games that go on behind the scenes that are all in an attempt to give one driver an advantage over another or twist the outcome in one direction. Even when you get all of those games figured out, you have more situations pop up than not. As it turns out, there are a ton of factors in every race that can be argued upon even when you head out there and try to cover every last thing in the previously organized stipulations. One of these factors is the starting line.

You see, there are two formats of racing on the streets from a dig. You can either decide that, should someone go before the starting light bangs on, that there’s still a race if the other person follows or, inversely, you can race like they are here in a situation that dictates if one person jumps before the light goes, they immediately lose. No questions asked. When there’s $40,000 on the line like there is between the Scott aka John Doe and Kye Kelley, and a disagreement arises, this isn’t one that’s going to be settled easily. We aren’t talking anymore about a gentleman’s bet because when there is this kind of money on the line, you can bet your bottom dollar that both racers are going to be holding the other to a strict standard. This is where the whole thing explodes into a vile situation as an argument begins to form on the starting line after watching the replay.

Now, when you see something in person, it’s definitely not the same as watching it back on a video camera. To the naked eye, these guys are thinking that Kye had the race won and cut about a perfect light. However, when you play it back and look at the video frame by frame, it’s clear to see that he did crack his tires before the light flashed on. After seeing this, things went into a back-and-forth that had no end in sight with Kelley asserting that he didn’t break the plane of the starting line and therefore he thinks he didn’t jump. However, even when the person responsible for moderating the race claimed that it was a jump and that he lost, the argument still continued on. Given that nobody was a middleman for holding on to the money, neither party wanted to come off of their $20,000. After watching this one for yourself, be sure to tell us who you think won in this race that most certainly stirred up a ton of controversy. It looks like the debate has been pretty split down the middle so far and there’s definitely an argument to be had by both sides.