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Landing Gear Won’t Engage on Helicopter, Pilot and Crew Show off Badass Display of Skill in Response

When it comes to being a helicopter pilot, I think most would agree that each and every person who has this skillset under their belt is definitely a badass, however, when it would come to this particular helicopter pilot and the skills that he shows off during this demonstration, we really get to see an individual with skills that go above and beyond your wildest dreams.

With all of the factors seeming to stack up against this individual, it’s kind of amazing to watch here as he or she managed to come through with flying colors, simply doing just about everything perfectly iin a sequence that really looked like it was about to go incredibly wrong in one way or another.

If you watch closely here, you’ll be able to be on the scene with a video that sinks you into the action as a helicopter attempts to land on an aircraft carrier. However, unfortunately here, it looks like the landing gear in the front of the chopper ended up getting stuck, meaning that the pilot was going have to do some slick maneuvering to either set this thing down or hover incredibly precisely while the crew figured something out in order to get that landing gear engaged. What would come next is something that’s nothing short of miraculous and a video that we actually had to watch twice in order to believe because it’s just that awesome.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll you’ll join in on the sequence such that shows not only an incredible amount of skill but also some pretty big-time trust as well as these crewmembers get to fidgeting with that landing gear, doing whatever they can to get it free while the pilot simply hovers above the deck of the aircraft carrier that’s moving with the current of the sea. This is definitely a high intensity and stressful situation that these guys seem to have executed like it was just another day on the job.

Watch this amazing effort by the helicopter pilot and the trust the crew under him have as he hovered above the flight deck while they jimmy the gear loose Hung Nose GearVideo credit to murcielago08na

Posted by Combines Harvesters Threshers on Tuesday, June 19, 2018


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