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This Off-Road Monster is Part Batmobile Part Desert Beast

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this. Imagine Elon Musk collaborated with Batman and created a futuristic trophy truck. We can’t speak for everyone. However, when we practice this exercise, what we come up with is the likes of the “Desert Storm.”

The prototype that bears the Desert Storm name is an F-150 based racing truck concept. The beautiful creation was concocted by EPTA Design Studio in London. Searching high and low, we couldn’t seem to find what exactly will be powering the concept. However, given that it’s F-150 based, Ford has platforms aplenty in both the EcoBoost lineage and Coyote platform that would make for a great time off-road.

When designing the monster, EPTA says that “Proportions and lines must run without obstructing or interfering with the constraints. The research is long to create something “different.” Needless to say, “different” is exactly what they came up with. The machine is certainly unlike anything that we have ever seen on wheels. The truck is bound to demand attention as it blasts through the desert at wide-open throttle.

EPTA continues that “A studied and refined sketch represents the condensation of a vision. The precision of a sketch will become a mathematical sculpture.” In other words, it seems like both design and math are going to come together to make the ultimate desert blaster.

The truck also has features like an automatic wheel unloading system that encompasses a pair of hinged rings that could make the process much easier. Laced in carbon fiber and sleek black finishes, this thing is downright aggressive. When we throw in the lighting that nicely complements the likes of the aggressive body lines, it almost sends a chill down the spine.

By following along with the video below, we almost guarantee that you’ll fall in love with what the truck has to offer.

Part Batmobile, Part Off-Road Monster: Meet The Desert Storm Trophy Truck


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