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Winch Operates Flawlessly With No Motor!

When it comes to selecting just the right winch, there are so many different options out there to select from. With all sorts of different weight ratings, brands, and even different designs, it could be difficult to pick just one! With winches being used for everything from pulling a vehicle on a trailer to pulling a vehicle out of a mudhole by using a tree, how exactly can one pick which one is right? Furthermore, how does one justify spending extra money? Could a cheaper winch do the job of a more expensive application? If so, it’s a no-brainer to keep the bank account a little bit fuller.

This time, we check out a concept of a winch and break it down into something incredibly simple. When checking out an innovation that goes by the name of the “Bush Winch,” its simplicity wins us over. Now, when thinking about a winch that could get the job done most effectively, we’re picturing something complex. A strong motor is a good place to start, right? After all, when it comes to these kinds of toys, the more features that they offer up, the better. Well, not so fast! Sometimes, the most amazing thing about a product is how simple it is. This bare-bones design still manages to get the job done!

By following along with the video below, we’re exposed to exactly what makes the “Bush Winch” so innovative. We think that making more happen with less is something that’s really to be admired. After seeing how simply something like this could potentially work, be sure to tell us what you think of how this innovation goes above and beyond the terms of using basic parts in order to accomplish a very important goal. It might not be conventional, to say the least. Its utility is tough to argue with, though.

The invention of the Bush Winch created a solution that:

  • could work in even the harshest conditions for a wide variety of vehicles, including 2WD and AWD models
  • did not require extensive modifications or additions to vehicles
  • minimized maintenance and upkeep requirements to deliver lifelong value and reliability
  • provided a more powerful and reliable vehicle recovery for all types of terrains
  • minimized wear and tear on vehicles, without compromising strength
  • protected the safety of users

The Bush Winch is a Patented system which applies technical innovation and superior materials to provide an intuitive and simple but high-performing solution for vehicle self-recovery.

Manufactured and rigorously tested in Australia since 2005, the Bush Winch and its accessories are now supplied to customers all over the world. Now in its second generation, the product criteria of robustness, reliability, and affordability endure.

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