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OG Shocker Takes its Final Ride Home From Wizard Race Cars

When you race a car for a certain period of time, odds are that with each pass, it gets more likely that something is going to go awry. Whether it’s a major mechanical failure or having the car end up in a tangle with the wall, the vast majority of the crew on Street Outlaws has encountered a little bit of everything.

One of the latest to have a run-in with a not-so-exciting situation is fan favorite, Kye Kelley. Kelley’s Chevrolet Camaro is known as “Shocker” which was definitely well respected around the community would end up in a freak accident with one of Kelley’s friends behind the wheel. While it doesn’t seem as if Kye felt as if the driver was at fault, the results were still all the same. Shocker would end up in a ditch and need to be pulled back out.

Sometimes, in situations like these, the owner of the car can get lucky. Perhaps a quick scrape with the wall means replacing a fender and maybe a wheel. This time, though, unfortunately, this wasn’t the case as Shocker became something that resembled more of a crumpled beer can instead of the awesome third-generation Camaro that it once was.

Kye seems to have made quick work of getting back on the road once again as a new version of Shocker has been built by the crew over at Larry Jeffers Race Cars. However, Kye was still left to deal with the carcass of a car that we are most certain has a soft spot in his heart as it has certainly carried him to the mountain top of street racing.

This time, we check in as Shocker goes on its last ride. While Kelley says he’s not exactly sure what he’s going to do with the remains, we can rest assured that we will know more about this in a future vlog video. For now, after the useful parts have been pulled from the car, it’s time for Shocker to take its last ride.

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