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Old Man Smashes Windows Out of Kid’s Car

It all started as a dispute over a conflict with two labor companies whose jobs on the same site seemed to get in the way of one another when one company hit a gas line and the other claimed that this would prevent the concrete that they just laid from setting properly.

Now, all that we have is one side of the story, but the young man in the car is on the side that hit the gas line and paid up for more concrete work to be done over.

However, according to him, when he approached the concrete company about the work not being done and alerted them to the consequences yielding thousands and fines and over a decade in prison for fraud, things got ugly.

This is when the concrete company workers father-in-law stepped in and began to get a little bit violent, claiming that it was alright because he was too old to go to jail anyway… seems legit.

Check out the video below that shows the situation as the old man smashes windows with the attempt of defending his son-in-law. What do you think of this whole situation? We think someone should lay off the loony juice.