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Old School Impala Runs 6 Second 1/4 Mile At Over 200 MPH

Before he became a regular in the no prep world, Larry Baker used to compete against some of the quickest door slammers in the world at events like the Street Car Supernationals in Las Vegas.

Bakers Impala is powered by a wicked twin turbo big block that likely makes somewhere around 3,000 horsepower, which is more than enough to push the car to some ridiculous times in the quarter mile.

This particular video, which is a few years old now, shows just how awesome this hotrod is to watch as it bumps into the staging beams and goes up on the chip. Being a turbo car, the ignition goes into “build boost” mode and cuts out the spark systematically, which pumps raw fuel into the exhaust. When the fuel hits the searing hot exhaust, it ignites and sends massive fireballs out the exhaust.

What makes Baker’s car even cooler is the fact that the wastegates that regulate boost are positioned in such a way that the flames exit through them as well, lighting up the bottom of the car along with the larger ones exiting the exhaust. It makes for one hell of a light show when Larry is on the chip and building boost for each pass.

Then the tree drops and the light show ends, but the second stanza of this show is just as badass as the first. The boost builds and the car screams into the Vegas night, tripping the beams at the quarter mile mark in 6.55 seconds at 217 miles per hour.

To put that in perspective, your average daily driver takes about the same amount of time to reach 60 MPH, unless you drive a sports car to work each day. Of course, with a couple thousand horsepower on tap, it’s a little easier for Baker to lay down these awesome numbers.


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